Workshop Tracks

Disrupting the Organizational Status Quo
Gateway Ballroom

Monday, 2:05pm - 3:20pm: Changing to the Equity Lens: Steps Domestic Violence Organizations Can Take
Monday, 3:40pm - 4:55pm: Confidentiality and Mandated Reporting: A Comprehensive Tool-kit
Tuesday, 9:50am - 11:05am: Increasing Domestic Violence Agencies’ Capacities to Serve Survivors with Disabilities
Tuesday, 11:25am - 12:40pm: Discomfort of Change: Organizational Accountability as Prevention

Shining Light on Quiet Domestic Violence Narratives
Hermosa Room

Monday, 2:05pm - 3:20pm: The Red Women Rising Project: Implementing Culturally Responsive Services
Monday, 3:40pm - 4:55pm: Evolution of Boy: From Survivor to Abuser, A Story Of Responsibility & Becoming a Healer
Tuesday, 9:50am - 11:05am: Confront without Shaming; Support without Colluding
Tuesday, 11:25am - 12:40pm: Reach Across the Aisle: How 2 Feminists Worked with Christian Conservatives

Working Upstream: The Many Facets of Prevention
Laguna Room

Monday, 2:05pm - 3:20pm: Removing the Margins: Anti-Racism Work for Reducing Domestic Violence
Monday, 3:40pm - 4:55pm: Gentlemen Respecting & Interacting in Truth (G.R.I.T.) Black Masculinity
Tuesday, 9:50am - 11:05am: Meet Me at the Intersection: Including Anti-Oppression Work in Prevention
Tuesday, 11:25am - 12:40pm: Safer Sexting: Not Your Parents Sexting Talk

Holistic Services: Quality of Life and Well Being for Survivors
Seminar Room (2nd Floor)

Monday, 2:05pm - 3:20pm: The Role of Technology in Addressing GBV and Disaster Relief
Monday, 3:40pm - 4:55pm: Accessing Compensation for Victims of Domestic Violence
Tuesday, 9:50am - 11:05am: Pets and Family: Creating Pet Friendly Programs
Tuesday, 11:25am - 12:40pm: Partnering for Survivors: The Los Angeles DV Homeless Services Coalition

Transforming and Leveling Power Differentials
Malibu Room

Monday, 2:05pm - 3:20pm: Courageous Conversations: A Journey Toward Racial Equity
Monday, 3:40pm - 4:55pm: Centering Racial Equity into our Work: Learnings from a Shared Journey
Tuesday, 9:50am - 11:05am: Stepping into Cultural Inclusiveness and Equity in the DV Field-Centering Women of Color
Tuesday, 11:25am - 12:40pm: Creating Space for Women of Color: A facilitated conversation for white women

Our Work in the Margins: Now More than EVER!
Redondo Room

Monday, 2:05pm - 3:20pm: Family Business: Unpacking the Silence of Black Victims of Intimate Partner Violence
Monday, 3:40pm - 4:55pm: Assisting and Understanding Victims Within the Native American Community
Tuesday, 9:50am - 11:05am: #ImmigrantWomenToo: How Domestic Violence Intersects with Asylum Protection
Tuesday, 11:25am - 12:40pm: Beyond Halal and Haram: Muslims, Sex and Relationships